Berakhah is a Hebrew word for ‘’Valley of Blessings’ It derives its name from the fact that it is built in a valley believed to be cursed by some spirits who will not let anything good to happen on this land. So instead of being a curse and a place to be feared, Berakhah is a beacon of hope to the people of Wakiso town council and beyond Providing quality, affordable and holistic health care services for especially the marginalized groups including women, children, persons with disabilities and those that would otherwise have no access to proper medical care.

With a qualified team of health professionals and village health workers, the aim is to ensure that everyone has access to the right medical care when they need it at little or no charge. Pregnant women have a chance to receive antenatal care, deliver babies in a safe and well equipped maternity, have postnatal care at less than 25 dollars! Their children are screened for disabilities at birth and are closely monitored to ensure that they achieve their milestone in time.

Any child that is found to lag in their milestones or has any anomaly is quickly attended to in our early interventions program.

The services provided at Berakhah include Primary health care, Antenatal, Postnatal and General child & women’s health, Diagnostics (including laboratory and ultrasound),  Non-Communicable Diseases Management, Sexual reproductive health and rights, Therapy services and assistive devices. Berakhah also takes these medical services closer to the people through monthly community outreaches.

The dream is for Berakhah to become a model Specialist center for child, maternal health and community health interventions.

Next steps:

  1. Establish a diagnostic center with CT scans, EEG and MRI, Xray machines
  2. Expand the maternity wing
  3. Increase the community outreach and village health workers program